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Matt Lucas
Matt Lucas
Real Estate Student

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Matt Lucas
Real Estate Student

Virtually Proctored Exams

Big Shout Out to Passit for helping me study for my C3 Virtually proctored exam. Passed with flying colours! Thank you for helping me keep the material fresh in my mind while we all waited for the Virtually proctored exams to be released. I completed the C3 material probably 6 weeks ago and couldn't schedule an exam because of covid-19. Passit is an amazing tool and a great way to test your knowledge and educate you on the material you're having trouble with. Can't say enough good things about it!

Matt Lucas
Real Estate Student

C2 Exam

Wrote my C2 Exam yesterday (In Windsor) and crushed it!  97%

Thanks PASSIT!!!

 After completing C2, Passit is the ONLY thing I used to Study because I didn't wanna go through the whole course again (Just too long).

I completed over 1,500 mcq's in passit and a handful of timed 115 practice tests.

My average in the end was 90% in C2 Passit by the time my exam date came around so I had confidence going in to write the exam.

1 Thing I did while using Passit was to write down every question I got wrong and reference the correct answer so I could focus on my weaknesses and review them at my convenience. I then made a printout and even reviewed it in the exam room while waiting for the exam to begin.

So thanks again PASSIT....You make it easier to study for sure.

I'm taking the weekend off and plan on starting C3 Monday.

Any idea of when C3 will be available?


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