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What to Do and Expect with the closures

Hi all,

I know a lot of you are frustrated with the closures of test centres and cancellations of exams and Sims. The hope would be that the Tri-Parties com up with an online version but that could take some time. I can honestly say this COVID-19 is effecting all even those that have completed the course. I applied to RECO on Monday for my licence and if they don’t grant it by Friday I will be in limbo as well as many of the real estate boards are also shutting down. I would have suggested to start interviewing with brokerages but they are also closing down.  So all I can suggest to those waiting is the following. 

if your in the following....

C1- read the course fully and you should be fine if you understand the content. I found the exam not overly difficult. 

C2- read the course fully. Yes it is massive and feels like it will never end, but it does. This1 you need to know the differences between things. Many learners have either had no math questions or just a basic one.. PassIt is highly suggested 

C3- read the course fully. You really need a good understanding in this one. They test you on a lot of the minor details and you need to know the differences between things like condo’s, road allowances ect. You also need to know and understand an APS. Many learners  have had no math or 1 basic math question. PassIt is highly recommended. 

Simulation session 1-  You don’t need to worry about this And don’t even really need to study before hand. They go through everything in class. There is a test on day 2 with 9 questions and a test on day5 with 41 questions. Each question is worth 2 points. If you really wanted to study, practice writing a custom clause, google search OREA forms explained and look at the definitions of the clauses. This will help prepare you for the real world as well. 

C4- read the entire course. Yes it is a long 1 as well, very boring and very repetitive. This I and many others found to be the easiest of them all. If you read all of the content and maybe do the 375 quizzes a second time you should be fine. 

Simulation session 2- currently on hold and not ready to launch. See RECO’s message on the Humber web site. 

C5-  2 modules with a total of 19 lessons. Nothing to worry about no exam. 

I never had the benefit of PassIt for my studies (many have benefited from them and would not have passed without them)  as it was never ready so I could only read the course and study with the quizzes from within the modules  

In closing I just want to say, these are just my thoughts and perspective on the course. Everyone learns at a different level so please use you own judgment when it comes to your understanding of the material And study habits. 

Good luck to all, practice social distancing and be safe. 

C4 exam

So did the exam this morning. I felt the difficulty of it was like c1 and c3 if that makes sense. I had 4 math questions while others only had 2 math questions. So yess for this one ya need to know the different math concepts. Some questions were straight forward and common sense while others you had to re read a few times to understand what exactly they were asking. 

good luck all 🥃🍻🍷

C4 exam

C4 exam on Monday 😳. Not sure what to expect with this one. So many math equations in this one. On the bright side I could potentially be done. yaaaaaaaaa

Disappointed in HUMBER, RECO & NIIT

So it turns out the they have pushed pack the dates for sims 2 by almost a month. We were given the dates in the beging of January and now with no warning they changed them. 

Come on Tri Parties. Stick to your word and change them back. 

Simulation session 1

Well sim 1 is over and I passed. Now onto C4

This brings C2 and C3 all into perspective 

For all those concerned with there being an exam, don’t be, it was a blast  

All you need to do is pay attention, participate and ask questions and you will pass. You don’t even have to study 🤪. 

The first assessment / exam is on day 2 with 9 questions. The second is on day 5 with 41 questions. 

C3 exam

What a relief. Wrote the c3 exam yesterday and passed 😎. Now the waiting begins for the sim session. 

this one was by far the most difficult of the 3. I found that the answers I had to chlose from were worded very similar to each other this time  

Course 2 Exam today

Well I wrote the course 2 exam today. It took about 2h 20min. I only had to use a calculator once. Not sure how I did as by the 80th questions they started to become confusing 


Course 2 Exam Thoughts

Since Passit for course 2 will not be available by time I write my exam on the 18th I have been going over all the quiz questions in all the modules again and again. I am getting less and less stressed as I just realized that it shouldn't be overly difficult if its 115 multiple choice questions. I was originally stressing that they would make us write a clause from scratch but now realize they can't because its multiple choice so as long as I have an understanding of what a clause should look like I should be fine. As for the Math and Conversion part I don't think they can make a question too difficult that you cant do in your head like a purchase price of 300k less a deposit of 10k they buyer would only owe 290k on closing. 

What does everyone else think?


System down time

Well looks like that system down time was a complete waist of students study time. Just checked several known mistakes and they have not been fixed. Wow


Facilitated review sessions

Hi all. Has anyone done the facilitated review session yet. Is/was it worth the extra money?