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Course 2 Exam today

Well I wrote the course 2 exam today. It took about 2h 20min. I only had to use a calculator once. Not sure how I did as by the 80th questions they started to become confusing 


Course 2 Exam Thoughts

Since Passit for course 2 will not be available by time I write my exam on the 18th I have been going over all the quiz questions in all the modules again and again. I am getting less and less stressed as I just realized that it shouldn't be overly difficult if its 115 multiple choice questions. I was originally stressing that they would make us write a clause from scratch but now realize they can't because its multiple choice so as long as I have an understanding of what a clause should look like I should be fine. As for the Math and Conversion part I don't think they can make a question too difficult that you cant do in your head like a purchase price of 300k less a deposit of 10k they buyer would only owe 290k on closing. 

What does everyone else think?


System down time

Well looks like that system down time was a complete waist of students study time. Just checked several known mistakes and they have not been fixed. Wow


Facilitated review sessions

Hi all. Has anyone done the facilitated review session yet. Is/was it worth the extra money?


System down time for Humber

so with this message popping up hopefully they are fixing the mistakes. 


Emailed Humber and RECO questions

So I decided to email Humber and Joe from RECO a few questions. I am concerned with all of the mistakes in the content it could effect some of us passing exams.

I am currently enrolled in the new Humber Real Estate program and finding many mistakes. This is very concerning to me and other learners in the program. I have reported multiple mistakes in course 2 over a week ago and they are still not fixed. We are concerned that if the mistakes are not corrected before the first exam it will affect our grade on the exam. Please check out multiple forums to see for yourself (Connect by PASSIT, and the 2 Humber face book groups) I do have most of the mistakes written down if you would like examples. Can you please answer a few questions for us.


  • Will mistakes reported be fixed before the exam takes place on November 18, 2019 (Course 2)
  • Can we get access to completed exams to see what questions we got wrong, currently we only get an overview. Knowing all of the mistakes in the content now it will raise questions if someone fails the exam and we might want to dispute the grade.
  • Who created the content. Was it done in Canada or the US. I ask this because in multiple pictures it shows US currency (Coins and bills)

Real Estate Events

Hi all, is anyone thinks of going to any of these Real Estate events?

Course 2

Has anyone finished course 2 yet. I’m going to be finishing module 20 today. Can’t believe I have had to call Humber multiple times to report mistakes in multiple modules. now I have to wait till nov 18th to take exam

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