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Proctored Exam

I am wondering if anyone wrote their exam today for course 2. How did you find the exam? I write on Thursday, has some issues with the program set up but think its all working now. 

C2 exam

C2 exam scheduled for tomorrow evening, needless to say I'm super stressed about it seeing as there is so much information in this one. Any advice or suggestions? 

Review sessions

Hello all, is there anyone here who has also decided to complete the online review sessions for course 2.  Just wondering how you are feeling about them? 


Book purchase?

I know we're doing everything online and it's great. I'm wondering is there any way to actually purchase the books that would be used in class for study? I feel like actually having the books as well as online would be beneficial for the future for reference. Does anybody happen to have any information on this. Thanks

Virtual review session

Start course 2 tomorrow. I've enrolled in the virtual review sessions. I'm just wondering if anyone can give me some insight on what I should be expecting? How do they actually work?  Is it a big g online group discussion ?  I knowI don't start the review session until three weeks in so I'm just kind of curious to know how it will proceed. Thanks! 


What do we need to bring to our exam C1 exam?  Thanks


Course 2 review

For anyone that has taken course 2  online did you go ahead and do the e-learning review or did you not bother with it. If you did, did you find it useful and worth the money?  Is there anybody that didn't do the learning review that wish they had? 

Study questions

I am just wondering if there is an option to delete your results on the study part of the guide instead of keeping a running total of percent. I am working on the study part and keep completing the questions but as I get better the percent increases. So I feel it is not a real justification of how well I am doing. 

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