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Real Estate Career Info
Real Estate Career Info

Getting started, education program details, costs, expectations, experiences from other salespeople and brokers, choosing a brokerage.

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Hi everyone, Can anyone explain after the pre and post registration phase which will cost almost $5000 , Are we able to avoid any additional cost for being a sales person.

Below are the expenses i am looking at right... (More)

Part-time Realtor

Dear friends:

Is anyone working part-time as a salesperson? Are employers usually looking for part-time workers? 

I'm an international student and cannot be hired for a full-time job... Is anyone in the same shoes right now?


How to choose a brokerage thats fits me?

Hi guys I am still few months away from completing course as just doing sims 1 in 2 weeks time. One of my biggest concerns is how to choose a agency that best fits me. I am looking to go... (More)