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Humber Pre-Registration Courses
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Hey Everyone

New guy here, starting out in the Humber Program, this is a complete career change for me as i have been in the Manufacturing sector for 30 Years, Yes I'm not young lol , I guess your never to old... (More)


Hi guys just thought would create a genral review and hopefully maybe helps you guys.

When I started course which now I know was easiest one so far. I was like this is gonna be so easy hahaha then hit... (More)

Course 2 Test: modules 6-8

Hello! I would like to ask those of you who have completed the course 2 test if there were a lot of questions that focused on modules 6-8? These modules include a lot about house structures, styles, energy efficiency, water... (More)

Course 2- Module 6-7

Hi everyone.

I find Module 6 & 7 too technical and complex; are there too many questions from these 2 modules

Are there any specific things to focus upon in these modules?