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Course 1: Real Estate Essentials
Course 1: Real Estate Essentials

This course sets important groundwork about career basics, regulatory requirements and legislation impacting real estate salespeople. The Passit Guide for Humber Course 1 includes hundreds of interactive practice questions plus a condensed study note add-on called Study Buddy to help you tackle your exam with confidence. Here's what you can expect on exam day:

  • Exam Time: 2 Hours
  • # of Questions: 75
  • Question Type: Multiple Choice (only 1 correct answer)
  • Pass Mark: 75%

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2021 Humber College Real Estate Course Updates

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Hi guys just thought would create a genral review and hopefully maybe helps you guys.

When I started course which now I know was easiest one so far. I was like this is gonna be so easy hahaha then hit... (More)

Course 1 study time

Hi everyone! I just started course 1 and would like to know how long did it take you to finish the course in reality?


Hi everyone! I am coming up to my first exam in about a week and a half. I was wondering if there are any tips to use while preparing for it. If you have any please let me know!

Thank... (More)