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Course 1: Real Estate Essentials
Course 1: Real Estate Essentials

This course sets important groundwork about career basics, regulatory requirements and legislation impacting real estate salespeople. The Passit Guide for Humber Course 1 includes hundreds of interactive practice questions plus a condensed study note add-on called Study Buddy to help you tackle your exam with confidence. Here's what you can expect on exam day:

  • Exam Time: 2 Hours
  • # of Questions: 75
  • Question Type: Multiple Choice (only 1 correct answer)
  • Pass Mark: 75%

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If someone can guide how can we do self study?

Hello Folks,

Where can we find course material for all modules for humber RE course for reference or quick review? please someone can recommend courses or can we do it self study?

I want to understand how quickly we can... (More)

Exam results

How long do you have to wait to get your results? 

Hi I am preparing for course 1, are these test open book? Appreciate your advise. Regads, Azaz

Exam 1

ok ladies and gents! i booked my first exam...kinda nervous without this passit material.  reading all modules again at this point, especially mod 4.  exam date oct 22, taking it a mohawk college.    anyone taken it yet?