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Exam & Course Logistics
Exam & Course Logistics

All things relating to helpful info for the date of your exam and course deadlines. What to expect, timing, results, scheduling, etc.

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Where can I download the Transcript?


I finished the entire course last week. Where can I download the Trascript? the brokerage is requesting it. Thanks. David. 

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Exam Scheduling Strategy

There's been a bit of confusion as the Humber courses start because the course and exam scheduling follows a more traditional College structure than previously used for OREA exams. Here's what you need to know:

  • Each Humber real estate course... (More)

Exam 3 - Proctortrack onboarding exam


I have exam 3 booked for Dec 3rd.

I already did the onboarding exam with ProctorTrack when I did exam 2.

Do I need to do the onboarding again? Is there anything else I am required to do prior... (More)

If I buy the course, can I download and save for my future reference?