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Exam & Course Logistics
Exam & Course Logistics

All things relating to helpful info for the date of your exam and course deadlines. What to expect, timing, results, scheduling, etc.

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Proctortrack exam

Hi everyone. My Course 2 exam is coming soon. I completed the onboard test. I am worried if I'm going to be able to remember all of the required steps before they launch the exam. Do I have to memorize... (More)

Question about Completed Virtual Proctored Exam

Hey everyone, I finished course 3 exam (virtually proctored) today at 12pm. I haven't received an email from Humber or Proctortrack regarding my completion of the exam, is that normal? I followed all the appropriate steps and when I exited... (More)

Matt Lucas
Real Estate Student

Virtually Proctored Exams

Big Shout Out to Passit for helping me study for my C3 Virtually proctored exam. Passed with flying colours! Thank you for helping me keep the material fresh in my mind while we all waited for the Virtually proctored exams... (More)

Virtually Proctored Exams

Hi there,  what should I expect when registering for a virtually proctored exam?  Is it like a zoom call?