Hi guys,

Again for anyone interested...I finished Sim 2 and the exam and here's some feedback...

First of all I'm done yaay!! So excited to be at this point after all that and hope what I write here will help someone.

So sim 2 is one day shorter than sim 1...same idea...virtual, role plays...but it focuses on commercial not residential.

As far as the exam goes...it's 46 questions...lengthy questions so reading a lot of scenarios.  3 hrs still (it took me just over 2 hrs...longest I had been in any exam...I think that's cause of the types of questions and the long time to read and reread them).  Lots of math questions!so know your math ..HELPFUL TO KNOW that there is in the exam itself all the formulas there for you and a notepad tab to write your math while you calculate.  I didn't now know this ahead of time-i would still suggest knowing your math and formulas because it makes it easier to do it during the exam if you're already very familiar with the equations.  You can bring your own calculator just not one that's programmable.

Exam covers everything in course 4 but focuses a lot on ESA.

Not tricky just lots of math and lots of reading involved so take your time and read they give you more than enough time.

Hope this helps! Good luck to everyone ☺️ I shall finish course 5 tomorrow and be registered soon!! Hope to see you out there !

Take care and good luck!!