We know it's been a long time coming, and we're so excited to get you started with an awesome study guide for Humber Course 4. Retail, office and industrial real estate may be unfamiliar territory for many. Get ready for floor area ratios, space planning, clear spans, sale/leasebacks, investment options, taxation, and the intricacies of business sales and commercial leasing. The exam is heavily weighted toward new terminology and properly preparing agreements. Invest wisely when it comes to studying. Let Passit be your trusty guide through the twists and turns of the commercial world. This guide covers the course from start to finish, so it's easy to be well prepared on exam day. Here's what is included in this study guide:

  • 700+ Multiple Choice Questions with 200+ Informative Topic Tips and Detailed Math Solutions
  • 450+ Rapid Recalls
  • 450+ TERMinator Words and Phrases
  • Based on 3,700+ Professionally Developed Learning Points/Explanations
  • Module-Specific Study Options
  • Detailed Feedback for Each Answer Option
  • Scenario-Based Question Styles
  • Course Location Tags Including Page Numbers
  • Progress Tracking and Personalized Question Sets
  • Helpful Exam Prep Info:
    • Brain Trainer
    • Hot Topics & FAQs; and
    • MCQ & You

Getting started is quick and easy, and access is immediate. Not sure how to use Passit for success? Worried that your exam is next week and you don't have enough time?