Hi guys I am still few months away from completing course as just doing sims 1 in 2 weeks time.   One of my biggest concerns is how to choose a agency that best fits me.  I am looking to go full time but due to having 2 kids and wife working.  I need flexible hours so can drop and pick up kids.   My wife works wednesday-sat.  So those days can only work around kids sced and evenings aftee wife home.  So can work like 10am-2pm and then 6.30pm- midnight lol.  Sunday to Tuesdays can work 12 hours days.   So its full time but need flexibility.

Hahah how do I find a brokerage that is great and help with that situation.  I am nervous that this will put employees off.  I plan to be dedicated and work hard.   

I am on google researching.  Also do i try to choose only agencies whos office close to where I live.    I have alot of questions related to this step.  Lookforward to anyones help in this thanks guys.