For course 1, I only found out about Passit after exam registration, I had 6 days and I went all in with Passit. May be it was the nerves with it being the first exam or maybe I just wasn’t ready… Absolutely terrified going in that exam room…

Now course 2, with a little experience under my belt I dare say… lol, after carefully studying the Course 2 study tips and strategies I made myself a study plan, I would write down key notes and power thru each of the segments then give 1-2 days for Passit MC and TERMinator (Rapid Recall was saved for the very end b/c it cannot be partitioned) While doing the Passit MC, I kept a spreadsheet, noting down the exact page where I had questions, number of times I got them wrong, and referring back to the text on top of reading the explanations given in the answers (for both right & wrong choices), further solidifying specific understanding.

Course 2 may come off intimidating because of the SUUUPEEER long list of study modules and lessons; it almost seems never ending… but just keep a schedule with strict deadlines and keep at it! Study your windows, doors, different kinds of roofs and structures in your neighborhood; Try to relate, let your imagination run wild! May be mom is a buyer client, dad is a seller customer and baby brother is looking to lease, etc, make things fun! (On my exam today, there were a ton of questions regarding clients/customer and zero structural and no math)

For me Course 2 was not just Course 2, it also forced me to utilize the famous Pomodoro Technique and incorporated The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve, without these 2 amazing helpers, I would prob. spend all my free time on animal crossing instead of studying and course 2 would truly be never ending. 

Just when I was about to finish the course, Covid-19 happened, but I really do not want to go back to read everything again. So I stuck with Passit, made sure to spend 2-3 hours on the Study MCs and referring bk to the text at the end of the day, I also started doing the Rapid Recall at this time. 

4 days prior to the scheduled exam, I turned to Test mode, 2 tests a day, referring back to the text all the same.

1 day prior to exam, I finally got around to the last tab – top 10, with all that down, I was sure I can ace the exam.

I seem to be in a sharing mode these 2 days, promise I’m done. Lol

Good luck! And stay safe!