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Hi I registered in Feb 2020 for Real Estate Salesperson course but never took even Exam 1. Is my registration still active or I have to repay and start again. Can any one help. Thanks.

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Passit Admin
Passit Admin Expert

Good Morning Rupinder! There are two timeframes you need to consider:

  • Total Program Completion: Once you begin the real estate salesperson program with Humber College you have 24 months to complete the entire program, so you're still within that timeframe (although it may be challenging to complete the entire program between now and Feb 2022). Humber will consider program extension requests "based on medical, psychological, or compassionate grounds".
  • Humber Course 1 Completion:  If you previously registered for Humber Course 1, it is likely that this registration has lapsed and you may need to re-register. This course currently has a required timeframe of 21 weeks. Humber considers course extension requests based on your circumstances.

Your best point of contact to determine your options is to contact Humber Learner Support directly. They can assist to help establish your best strategy moving forward, especially since you registered but never finished the exam for Course 1. They also help with extension requests (both for individual courses and the entire program). We hope that's helpful! 

Rujul Pathak
Rujul Pathak

you have 24 months fr the registration and for that reason, you should start taking courses and relevant exams.


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