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Hi i am unable to print the module from humber portal any suggestion or advise

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Passit Admin
Passit Admin Expert

Hi Hashim,

To print a module follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your course at
  2. Open the module you want to print and navigate to the module overview page (see below for an example)
  3. Click KMS
  4. Click the Print option

The snapshots below show the steps in sequence with where you need to click in sequence. Note this print option (for the entire module) is currently only available if you complete these steps from the module overview page (it won't work on any page in the module). Hope that helps!



Hailey Green
Hailey Green

So glad I looked at this forum...I went through the first course not knowing you could download/print the modules so I was scrambling to make sure I made notes on everything (thinking I wouldn't have access to these after I finished the program). THANK YOU!! This is going to save me a ton of time!!

Relieved Student 

Passit Admin
Passit Admin Expert

Great! We're glad you found this helpful!

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