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Hello, Just getting ready for my first exam. Any areas specifically I should focus on. Any tips on how to learn all this info and remember it.

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Hi Lorilee, Course 1 sets the stage for all future courses, so it's an opportune time to get the fundamentals under control. Try not to rush through the material and pay close attention to all REBBA-related topics (e.g., Code of Ethics, remuneration, client vs customer, etc.). These appear in Passit's REBBA & You section in Study Buddy. REBBA-related topics will appear on this and all later exams!

This course is heavily weighted at the end, so give yourself lots of time for the later modules (5, 6 and 7). Ensure you know what legislation applies to particular situations, e.g., CASL, DNCL, Competition Act, PIPEDA, etc. 

If you're using Passit to study, we recommend a module-by-module approach - this helps solidify your understanding and prevents reading overload. This strategy is set out in the Passit Power Plan for Course 1. Be sure to check out Brain Trainer and MCQ & You, as they offer tips to help retain and apply what you've read. We wish you all the best on your exam!

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