There's been a bit of confusion as the Humber courses start because the course and exam scheduling follows a more traditional College structure than previously used for OREA exams. Here's what you need to know:

  • Each Humber real estate course has a definitive course completion time. For example, the first course Real Estate Essentials has a ten-week (previously two-week) completion time, which means you must complete the online course in ten weeks.
  • Once you complete a course you can then schedule your exam. This date is completely flexible and can be any date you choose, keeping in mind that you must complete the entire program in 24 months.
  • Access to course materials remains open after completion of the course so you can properly review and prepare for the exam in a timeframe suitable for your schedule.

We recommend not rushing to challenge your exam too quickly as each attempt is $100, and after two failed attempts you must re-purchase and re-take the entire course. For those looking for companion exam prep study materials, you may not want to rush your exam date as Passit Guides for the new Humber Real Estate Salesperson Program are currently in development, with the first guide for Real Estate Essentials anticipated in the latter part of October.