Good afternoon,

Hope everyone is going well. 

I decided to come here and ask for your help.

I failed two exams from the course 2 and I have a hard time finding the solution to that. I spend a huge amount of time for preparation to the exam, reading each chapter, followed with making notes and checking the understanding of it on PASSIT.COM 

After failing the first exam( I got 71%), I reviewed all 20 chapters again on PASS it, doing 4 tests with at least 90% mark from each single chapter. Whenever I had any mistakes I went back to reading the theory based on my mistakes. 

Yesterday, I got my results from the second attempt and I got 73%. I am feeling so discouraged and trying to find a way that would help me to pass the exam. I would appreciate any help and advise. 

I haven't booked my next exam yet. Is anyone here familiar with signing up for the exam after failing two exams? Has anyone been in such situation? Is that true that if you do not pass the third exam you have to take the course from the beginning?  Meaning go back to the course 1 and pay for the course and exams one more time? 

I would truly appreciate any feedback and help from anyone. 

Feeling lost and discouraged. However, I do not want to give up here. 

Wishing all of you success in your future exams!

Congratulations to anyone who are making steps forward and sending supportive words to anyone who is struggling. We are in this together.

Have a wonderful day!