Hi guys just thought would create a genral review and hopefully maybe helps you guys.  

When I started course which now I know was easiest one so far.   I was like this is gonna be so easy hahaha then hit a road block of course 2.  

So course 1 you can get done in maybe in a couple weeks.   I made mistake in my study methods which will explain later.  

Course 2 is a monster of a course.  So much material to read.   I read all one time in a weeb but was not improving pratise test.  Also then took a month off which put me back at sqaire one as forgot alot of stuff.   This time when I started I read the passit study buddy which was awesome and thing started to click.   I also broke course down and read study buddy 1 module then practice 20 questions until i was getting over 90 percent regulary then I would move on.   In between every 5 module would group them and to a practice test of 5 modules until I getting regular 90 percent above.  Eventually working on 115 exam questions practice one test a day until getting 95 percent regulary then thats it.

Course 3 no study buddy but using my method I found course 3 easiest so far.   I did module practise the  115 practice.   Started course 3 weeks ago and just passed my exam 2 days ago.  95 percent yeah.  

If I can so can you as I hate to study lol but eventually you get used to it.   I also dont have much time as have 2 kids to look after as well while wife works.  I was working for last 15 years and my wife at home but now due covid thing all changed and now I am the one going back to studying haha.


Wish everyone best luck I can answer any questions you need regarding course 1, 2 and 3.  Let me know thanks