I just wrote my first exam on Saturday (Nov 2) and passed it with a 96%. I want to share with those who have not wrote the exam my own experience with studying and how much Passit study guide helped. 

I started studying for the first course by taking notes while reading each slide and was definitely overwhelmed with the amount of information presented.  I was lucky enough to be offered the passit guide as a beta user a few days prior to my exam. I was very much impressed with how professionally the guide was developed. I only used the MCQ 400 section of the guide due to limited time. At first I practiced about 15 MC questions for each module and then did Test Mode that included all the modules.  The case based questions really allowed me to apply the concepts.  I also like the feature that allowed me to go back to course material as each question is linked with a module number, lesson number and page number. It made study so much easier.  

The exam itself is very similar to the questions that I did on the guide. I don't think I would be able to do nearly this well without the guide. The exam definitely tests your ability to apply concepts into situations and merely remember definition would not work. Passit guide offers  you the practice that you need to do well in the exam. 

Another side note, make sure you have the log in for the learn portal of the program site as it requires you to have this log in for the exam.  I had saved on my own computer and had to search  my email account to find the log in information. 

Good luck!