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Course 2: Residential Real Estate Transactions
Course 2: Residential Real Estate Transactions

Proctortrack exam

Hi everyone. My Course 2 exam is coming soon. I completed the onboard test. I am worried if I'm going to be able to remember all of the required steps before they launch the exam. Do I have to memorize... (More)

Course 2 study time

Hi guys,

For those who finished course 2 how long did it take you approximately if you are someone who takes notes? I have to take notes but course 2 seems super overwhelming...just wanted to plan my time along with... (More)

COURSE 2 Module 6 Lesson 3 PAGE 10 PLEASE HELP !?

I'm not understanding how this is incorrect? Can someone help explain in further detail?

The question is : How can the salesperson determine the legal status of the residential parking pad?
ANSWER incorrect "See why" : the explanations states that... (More)

Course 2 exam

Hey all! I have my exam booked this Monday. I've seen some posts about needing a calculator for a few questions. Do you think we will need to remember the conversions for the exam? Eg. converting sq ft to sq... (More)