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Course 2: Residential Real Estate Transactions
Course 2: Residential Real Estate Transactions

This course encompasses a massive range of topics from agency and mechanical systems to offer preparation and and transaction closing. The key to success is a disciplined and progressive study approach, as every exam is different. The Passit Guide for Humber Course 2 includes hundreds of interactive practice questions plus extensive tips and strategies to help you tackle your exam with confidence. Here's what to expect on exam day:

  • Exam Time: 3 Hours
  • # of Questions: 115
  • Question Type: Multiple Choice (only 1 correct answer)
  • Pass Mark: 75%

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Study buddy...

Maybe too soon to ask but just hoping... Study buddy for course 2...any idea for when this may become available now that course 4 passit is complete? 

Thank you! 

Course 2

hello everyone i have query about some topic

1. Who set the standard rate of commission in real estate market?

The salesperson tell the seller and set the commission Or the salesperson tell the seller set the rate by a... (More)

Course 2 Study Methods

Hi everyone,

Obviously everyone knows that course 2 is notoriously long and so i was looking for any study tips you had or how to tackled the course! The way i studied for course 1 was read it and simultaneously... (More)

Course 2 exam done!

Hi guys! So excited to say course 2 exam is done... Thought it would never end... Got 94% and very happy about it! Thank you so so much passit - you guys are life savers and you explain everything so... (More)