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Course 2 Forum: Residential Real Estate Transactions
Course 2 Forum: Residential Real Estate Transactions

This course encompasses a massive range of topics from agency and mechanical systems to offer preparation and and transaction closing. The key to success is a disciplined and progressive study approach, as every exam is different. The Passit Guide for Humber Course 2 includes hundreds of interactive practice questions plus extensive tips and strategies to help you tackle your exam with confidence. Here's what to expect on exam day:

  • Exam Time: 3 Hours
  • # of Questions: 115
  • Question Type: Multiple Choice (only 1 correct answer)
  • Pass Mark: 75%

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Second course pass mark

Hello everyone 

Hope you all doing well. I have a question about course two passing mark.

I got 81 does anybody know I passed second course, or I failed.


Kat Tannock
studying for Course 4

March 2022 ~ Course 2 ~ Virtual Support ~ Facilitated Review Sessions

Hey All,

I'm just about to tackle Course 2 - The Beast

I see an option for adding online virtual support sessions for an extra $200

Has anyone done this?

Can you let me know what you found helpful, and... (More)

COURSE 2 - Helpful Tips

Good afternoon everyone. Due to the pandemic, homeschooling three kids, working from home and trying to complete this course i am really far behind. I have just completed course 2 and am studying for the exam. I am finding that... (More)

Exam 2- 2 exams failed

Good afternoon,

Hope everyone is going well.

I decided to come here and ask for your help.

I failed two exams from the course 2 and I have a hard time finding the solution to that. I spend a huge... (More)