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Course 1: Real Estate Essentials
Course 1: Real Estate Essentials

Exam 1 Module 4


Any feedback on the exam regarding module 4, lesson 2 I have completed the entire course but in all my Passit test, 50/50 and Terminator, I fall short in this area. I am having a difficult time keeping all these straight and how each relates... (More)

Course 1 Exam Complete

I took my C1 exam on Tuesday and passed with 82% which I'm pretty disappointed about because I thought I was better prepared than that. I began the course October 7th and worked my way through all the modules in about 4 weeks time, making comprehen... (More)

I wouldn't pass it without Passit!

Took my c1 exam last night and passed with 95%. I highly recommend Passit to whomever is nervous about their exams. Practicing those questions was extremely helpful in terms of itemizing the huge amount of information contained in in the course. I ... (More)

Tips for Course 1 Exam

Hey im taking my course 1 exam soon and was wondering if anyone can give any good tips? Besides tips like that your time and read over everything? Thanks